We identify and transform potential
to achieve remarkable results.

Our Team

We work as a team.

We never simply contract a tutor out to a client. We liaise with one another; pool our skills, resources and energy to create the best possible experience for our learners.

No one on the team is simply a tutor. They are trained to implement our philosophy and undergo training in delivering our methodology. We are lovingly picky.

Our tutors and specialists only join the team if they have the expertise AND the engaging teaching skills AND the type of background/personality that echoes the Milestones magic and ethos. Each member has something beyond their Oxbridge degrees, PhDs and impressive CVs. Beyond their excellence in academia, they are extremely well rounded, full of spirit; each has so much to say for themselves and even more to offer.

Some of us are specialist tutors who have basically studied for a very long time and consequently have specific specialisms/experience. These tutors have had more experience and teaching training. Others of us are core tutors that have extensive knowledge of our subject area and clearly excelled in it. These tutors have gone through our first loops of training but have had a solid amount of experience.

We’re all kind of brilliant and we ensure that we each remain active learners in our fields to stay ahead of the game.



When I embark on the milestones journey with a student, I help that individual to unlock their potential in order to discover and redefine excellence.

What’s important to me?

Leaving someone better than I found them. That is what has propelled me through both Milestones and medicine. That’s my passion. That’s my purpose. And I love it.


MBBS Medicine –University College London. BSc Clinical Sciences with Foetal and neonatal Physiology Special Interest: Obstetrics, Neonatal Medicine and Foetal Surgery.


Education, Personal & Community Development and Mentorship.


Educational Psychology, Special Educational Needs Training, Human Genetics and Health Issues.


Peer Mentor at City and Islington College.

Teacher at IntoUniversity, awarded ‘Future Leader’ –SEO London, LAMDA Gold Medal Qualified ( Speech, Verse & Prose; Acting), Advocate for Body & Soul Charity.

Tate Prize for Medicine. Oxford Debating Society, French, Spanish.


8 years delivering personalized tuition programmes.

Founder of Milestones Methodology, Competitive Entrance, Mentorship, Gifted programme Leader, English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, UKCAT, BMAT, Scholarship, LAMDA, Career Guidance, Interview & Exam Technique.

General Process


Assessment and Plan by a specialist tutor



of a tailored programme, goal and plan



following a client review of team member profiles and plan: formal assignment of appropriate team and resources



implementation of plan




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Journey & Teaching Method

Our methodology is applied to all our programmes and pathways. Each member of the team is trained to deliver this method. Its creation is a result of over five years of research, experience and client success stories.

Professors, scientists, educational psychologists, teachers, students, parents and professionals have all contributed to its creation and implementation. And of course, since most of us are from research backgrounds, we constantly look for ways to improve and update the method.

What is it?

Generally speaking it has a 3-stage strategy:


Identification of where exactly strengths and weaknesses lie (academically and non-academically). Then, establishment of the student’s best learning style through exploration of student’s habits, preferences, attitudes and current starting point. We record this and plan accordingly how and what will be addressed.


Following the teaching plan, we use a variety of resources and individual goal targets to overcome weaknesses and solidify strengths.


Use new skills learnt to attain target grade and beyond. Ensure student is well ahead but in synchronization with their school syllabus where applicable. Encourage further activities/involvement to further push potential. Inspire confidence and passion.

Here are a few of the things the methodology involves:

tickClarity in objectives

tickStructured learning framework

tickOpportunities for inspiration

tickIdentification of student’s ‘true’ starting point (without the sugar-coating)

tickCreation of individually tailored plan IN ADVANCE to regularly ensure learning is taking place and progress is in the direction of set goals

tickSetting of targets, challenges and goals to ensure motivation

tickReal life application as often and wherever possible!

tickStructured feedback that addresses learner’s knowledge, attitude, habits and skills.

tickLearner Autonomy




Why it works?

Our learners need to know what success looks like for them- it is one of the most powerful incentives and motivators. They need to understand the importance of challenge and active learning. They need to discover their own strengths and weaknesses.

One of the reasons why video games engages young people so well is because there are clear targets and next levels which are evidently attainable.

One of the main reasons why student’s do not progress or continually find certain topics difficult, is because they keep trying to solve the problem in the same way. Traditionally institutions and teachers set one way of solving a problem and encourage student’s to keep trying until they get it. What a waste of time! One size does not fit all when it comes to learning. The beauty of our tuition is that we have been trained to create open minds and multiple routes to solving problems..

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