MiEntrance 13+

MiEntrance 13+

Nina Danino

Anne-Marie Idowu was my daughter’s tutor in Y8 Key Stage 3 Science and Mathematics, from June 2013 – February 2014, in order prepare her for 13+ entrance exams to selective schools.

My daughter had to catch up with 1 year of the Science and large parts of the Mathematics syllabus, which has not been covered by her school in Y7.

Ms. Idowu advised on workbooks and followed the syllabus methodically. She set a good pace and was clear, focused and taught the material in a goal orientated way, following the plan devised with me as a parent.

She worked hard in the one and half hour lessons and balanced the two subjects in this time. My daughter really liked working with her. She felt that she explained everything clearly and checked thoroughly before moving on to the next topic. She made the work look manageable, identified and resolved any topics that needed further explanation. She was on top of her material, she was serious about the teaching but was friendly and supportive to my daughter.

My daughter was able to sit successfully for her 13+ exams in Science and Mathematics in full confidence that she had covered the ground properly – which was a feat in itself – as they had covered a year’s syllabus in very compact time, which is a testimony to Ms. Idowu’s quality as a tutor.

Ms Idowu is studying for her own professional exams and I never got the impression that tutoring was a sideline – or that really her mind was elsewhere on other priorities.

She arrived on time, communicated with me about the expectations and goals on a week by week basis and was highly reliable.

I can honestly say that she is an excellent tutor. Yours sincerely,