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SEN Pathway

Special Education Needs (SEN) Support

Dyslexia. Dyscalculia. ADHD. Neurodiversity.
No matter what age you are, none of these challenges should be a barrier to excelling in life or learning.
Which is why we offer specialised, bespoke support and
assessments to help people of all ages reach their full potential.

SEN Learning Support for All Ages

Early years
Primary School children
Secondary School children

Our SEN programme highlights

Our SEN programme outcomes


We provide the following assessments as per your academic, social, wellbeing, or SEN needs

Milestones General Assessment

A consultation with a Milestones Tutor as per your subject requirements. This assessment shall assess the learner’s personality profile, confidence and ability, their needs and the structure required to support them, and include a family and psychology portion. The results of this assessment and the learner’s starting points and level shall be used to provide a detailed report with the performance goal, Long and Short Term Development Plan, alongside a strategy, recommendations, and the expected timeline. 

Specialist in-depth Assessment

An in-person assessment with a senior Specialist. These include discussing the learner’s requirements, deciphering goals and establishing an initial plan, and producing individualised evaluations. This may include an educational psychology report and determination of learning style, cognitive skills and aptitude of the learner. This report can also include a SEN/cognitive assessment section upon request. This would add SEN testing for Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Access Arrangements, Dyspraxia, and Dysgraphia. This can be modified based on your needs. 
We also offer repeat basic and full in-depth assessments as per your requirements. 

Schools and University Consultancy

Our schools and university consultancy services have allowed learners to secure placements in their desired programs, ensuring a seamless transition and unlocking their full academic potential. Trust us to navigate your educational landscape, making informed decisions that set the stage for your success.

Mock Exams

Equip yourself for success with our Mock Exams service. Tailored for various school boards, we ensure thorough readiness for tests and exams. Set yourself on the path to excellence with our comprehensive preparation support.

Wellbeing Services

We provide:
  1. Initial consultation and assessment. 
  2. One-off, Weekly or Intensive therapeutic sessions.

Performance Psychology & Coaching

Sessions in Performance Psychology and Coaching aim to provide clarity and definition to your performance goals. By optimising your capabilities, you can effectively reach these goals through the removal of limitations and the application of high-performance principles. These sessions shall empower you to be independent and identify obstacles hindering your progress.

Careers and Portfolio

Career guidance and exploration  Navigate your career journey with our Careers and Portfolio service, a collaboration with our international partners. Tailored for every stage, our programs offer comprehensive career guidance, online courses with mentors, a deep dive into your passion, and one-on-one sessions. Unlock a world of possibilities as you optimise your performance, build a strong foundation guided by experts, and create unique projects that showcase your skills and aspirations. Join us in shaping your future success.

Interview Preparation

Prepare for success with our Interview Preparation service. Our expert guidance extends to adeptly handling academic interviews, paving the way for academic advancement and seamless university admissions. Elevate yourself towards excellence with our comprehensive support for effective preparation.


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