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It is no exaggeration to say that Milestones has transformed our lives! Prior to their arrival William struggled with numbers and hated maths. He received some extra help at school, but both he, and I dreaded maths homework nights. His Year 3 class teacher recommended that we engage a tutor. At first William was extremely resistant to the idea, but his attitude changed after his very first session with Milestones. Their friendly manner put him at ease, and her excellent teaching skills, coupled with her obvious expertise in maths, engaged him quickly. They have transformed his attitude to maths, and continue to build his confidence in tackling the subject. A year on, William’s Year 4 class teacher has commented on his increased confidence and ability to tackle maths problems independently, and he and I no longer clash over maths homework.
Dr Sally Dormer
I can honestly say that with the help and support from Milestones’s team, I was successful in gaining a place at Dental School. There is no doubt that without her professional help I would not have succeeded. I am very grateful for her time, enthusiasm, and energy; I just really appreciate all the support. So incredibly friendly and relaxed. I felt at ease and able to ask questions freely. I received very genuine detailed feedback and tips. I would recommend the team to any student serious about a career in a competitive field such as dentistry.
Hannah West
We have booked tuition for our daughter in Biology, Chemistry and Physics for >2 years now in preparation for her GCSE Triple Science next year.Our daughter’s excellent progress in these subjects over this period is a credit to Milestones’ teaching and their positive outlook which has done much to boost our daughter’s self-confidence. The teaching is of a high standard and the enthusiasm for the subject infectious.
Mrs Harris
We have been working with Milestones for my son’s first year of A-Levels. He is studying Maths and Chemistry. This was God’s gift to us. My son is a keen student, and he found the fantastic Tutor he was looking for.Teaching him what he needed to learn, reassuring him when he worried, and even prompting him when he needed that. I am hoping to be working with Milestones next year too, for my son’s second year of A-Levels, for him to attain his best possible results. Indeed our whole family now uses Milestones’s team. They are just exceptional.
Rashda El Maghraby
My daughter had to catch up with 1 year of the Science and large parts of the Mathematics syllabus, which has not been covered by her school in Y7. Dr. King advised on workbooks and followed the syllabus methodically. She set a good pace and was clear, focused and taught the material in a goal orientated way, following the plan devised with me as a parent. My daughter was able to sit successfully for her 13+ exams in Science and Mathematics in full confidence that she had covered the ground properly – which was a feat in itself – as they had covered a year’s syllabus in very compact time, which is a testimony to Milestones quality of tuition.
Nina Danino
Milestones tutored our daughter for the 8 months preceding her 11+ examinations in 2014. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Organised and efficient she showed a remarkable breadth of knowledge across all subjects but focused on English language, literature and Maths for our daughter.
Our daughter was at a good State school at the time but despite having ability we felt she was not reaching her full potential in either subject and additionally needed some assistance with familiarizing herself with the 11+ examination process.
With just a couple of hours a week of Milestones’s help she not only jumped up 2 levels to the top set in both English and Maths but also achieved her preferred choice at a very competitive secondary school. The improvement in her confidence and ability was lovely to see.
Throughout her time with us she showed great patience and understanding and I felt she was able to ascertain where improvements needed to be made in our daughter’s education without pushing her beyond her natural ability or subjecting her to too much stress and anxiety.
I would not hesitate to recommend her as a tutor.
Emma Graham
My four year-old son was homeschooled in all the core subjects due to medical reasons. With many special educational needs requirements and English being his second language, we knew we needed a specialist and the job would be a tall order. The team was exceptional to say the least. A very unique program was built for him and they worked closely with his school, often having meetings and making new plans. I do not know how he would have progressed without each one of the team. We hope they stay with our kids for life!
Mrs Khodova
Oh where can I start! Milestones has provided tuition for my twin boys (aged 6) and my daughter (aged 11) for the past two years. If only I had a book to describe all the ways Milestones, Clara, James and the rest of the team have really made a difference to our lives! In short, I am sure the results speak for themselves. We received offers from all of the competitive boarding schools we applied to and two of my children were offered scholarships. My daughter has been identified as gifted and Milestones has worked remarkably well with her, giving her access to numerous opportunities from writing in newspapers to speaking at events around the country so confidently. As a parent that is often separated from my children by distance and work, the team have gone a long way in dissipating any worries associated with my children’s education. Despite the knowledge that Milestones has an endless waiting list for their services, we always get their full attention and feel like we are their only clients in the world! Such a phenomenal and hard working group of people!
Dr A. Adedapo


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